Project References

This establishment ever since its inception prepared a great series of studies, designs, investigation reports, analyses, expert opinions in the field of transportation, geology, geotechnics, water engineering, environmental protection, as follows:

  • More than 300 techno-economic transport studies pertaining to road-network development, transport sectorial studies within the framework of spatial plans, transport studies for urban requirements, studies regarding transport models and traffic management, methodological studies, rule books, instructions, etc.;
  • Over 200 scientific-research studies in the field of transport and traffic engineering,  geotechnics, geology, pavement, construction techniques, techniques of the production and processing of building materials, environmental protection along with various studies, analyses, expertise within the scope of activities of this establishment;
  • More than 4000 diverse projects of roads and urban transport facilities;
  • More than 100 general designs with supporting studies;
  • A series of projects in the country and abroad:
  • motorways approximately 5000 km;
  • arterial, regional and local roads and bypasses of  towns at approximately 14000 km;
  • bridges – around 4500 of various structures and spans;
  • tunnels – 150;
  • pavement structures – on approximately 500 km of motorways, on approximately 1500 km of newly built roads, on approximately 2000 km of roads-rehabilitation;
  • airport runways – on 30 airports;
  • urban transport facilitiesin more than 50 cities;
  • environmental protection – more than 160 projects and studies;
  • conducted technical-technological supervision on more than 30000 km of roads of various ranks;
  • defined geotechnical requirements  for the construction of approximately 2000 km of motorways and 5000  km of arterial and regional roads;
  • conducted a series of geotechnical investigations for the construction of road structures, tunnels (more than 100) and bridges (more than 700), numerous geotechnical investigations as regards repair requirements, preparation of engineering designs for repairs of unstable terrains being the known land slips “Umka”, “Duboko”, “Razanj”, at the bridge “Sloboda” over Danube river, “Begaljica” etc.;
  • preparation of geotechnical basic data for planning and construction of various structures, more than 500 locations and structures and for special-purpose facilities being more than 100 units, etc.;
  • quality control of materials carried out on approximately 5000 km of arterial and regional road networks and on other engineering structures;
  • preparation of data base for roads and street network for more than 30 000 km of arterial and regional roads, around 10 000  km of local roads, and approximately 6 000 km of  street network in more than 20 cities;

In addition to jobs carried out in Yugoslavia, the  Highway Institute was involved in various projects in Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Russia, Algeria, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe,  Kenya,  Zambia, Malaysia, Jordan and elsewhere.