Technical Supervision Sector

Technical Supervision Sector is comprised of two departments:

  • Maintenance
  • Construction

The primary activity of this Sector is technical supervision of construction, rehabilitation, reconstruction and maintenance of IA (motorways) and IB category state roads, IIA and IIB category state roads, municipal roads, urban roads, airports, bridges and structures under domestic legislation and in accordance with all FIDIC forms of contract.

The Sector also deals with development of Construction Method Statements and Site Establishment, as well all development of the plans for Preventive measures and Occupational Health and Safety.

Technical supervision includes the following activities:

  • Review of works for check-up whether the performance conforms to the technical documentation requirements ;
  • Approvals and follow-ups of Contractors’ programs of works, technical norms and standard;
  • Inspection and approval of quantity of completed works;
  • Review of construction documentation;
  • Providing the Contractor with necessary instructions, particularly in the case of deviations from technical documentation and changes in the conditions of the construction;
  • Cooperation with the Designer in order to ensure the details of technological and organizational solutions for construction and to provide solutions to problems that may arise during the construction;
  • Participation in technical inspection and acceptance of the facility, inspection of defects remedy until the final approval and Employer’s taking over;
  • Consultancy services with the aim of reducing the costs and time required for completion of works by optimizing the construction method and resolving compensation claims.

Over the past ten years, the Technical Supervision Sector was engaged in various major projects, such as:

  • Construction of the Corridor X passing through Serbia;
  • Construction of the Motorway E-75, Section: Beška – Batajnica;
  • Construction of the Motorway E-75, Section: Pečenjevce – Grabovnica;
  • Construction of the Motorway E-75, Section: Levosoje – state border of FYRO Macedonia;
  • Construction of the left carriageway of the Motorway E-75, Section: Horgoš (state border of Hungary) – Novi Sad;
  • E-80 Section: Komren – Prosek;


  • Construction of the Corridor Belgrade – South Adriatic, Motorway E-763
    • Section Ub – Lajkovac;
    • Sector I, Section 3: Obrenovac – Ub and Section 5: Lajkovac – Ljig;
    • Sector II, Section 1: Ljig – Boljkovci, Section 2: Boljkovci – Takovo and Section 3: Takovo – Preljina;

nadzor-2 nadzor-3

  • Construction of the Interchange “Petlovo brdo“ and Interchange “Orlovača“ (II phase);
  • Rehabilitation of the Motorway E-75: Belgrade – Niš, Section: Mali Požarevac – Ralja;
  • Rehabilitation of pavement on the Motorway: Belgrade – Niš, Section: Begaljičko Brdo – Mali Požarevac;


  • Rehabilitation of roads and bridges:
    • M – 21, Lot XV, Section: Uvac – Nova Varoš;
    • M – 22, Lot XVI, Section: Biljanovac – Baljevac;
    • M – 25.1, Lot XVII, Section: Beranje – Požarevac;
  • Rehabilitation of arterial roads:
    • M – 5, Pojate – Kraljevo;
    • M – 19, Lot XX, Section: TENT B- Mišar;
    • M – 19, Lot XXI, Section: Debrc – Mišar;
  • Construction of Belgrade Bypass:
    • Sector 4, Section: Dobanovci – Bubanj Potok;
    • II phase of the Interchange „Dobanovci“;
    • Sector 5, supervision of the tunnel “Straževica“ construction;
    • supervision of the tunnel “Lipak“ construction;

nadzor-5 nadzor-6

  • Supervision of construction works, I category state road M-4, Section: Bor – Zaječar;
  • Supervision of reconstruction works, the arterial road Budva – Bar, Section: Bečići – Rafailovići;
  • Supervision of reconstruction of double-track tram lines and ocl in Vojvode Stepe Street.;


  • Supervision of road construction and maintenance in Belgrade, 10 urban and 7 suburban municipalities;
  • Employer’s supervision (Super Control) of routine and winter maintenance of roads which are not included in the network of I and II category state roads;
  • Supervision of maintenance works on arterial and regional roads in Serbia;
  • Supervision of motorway maintenance;
  • Supervision of mainenance of bridges on arterial and regional roads in Serbia;
  • Supervision of maintenance works on I and II category state roads in the Districts of Kolubara and Mačva – Pilot Project.