Areas of Expertise

The Highway Institute operations are based on scientific research in the field of transport, economy, investments, all types of designs, engineering structures, environment protection, geotechnics, geology, soil, building materials (asphalt, concrete, components, and additives) laboratory testing, quality control, as well as certification of products (fractioned stone aggregate for concrete and asphalt).

The company is over many years engaged in preparation of technical documentation (general, preliminary  and  main  designs)  concerning  roads,  motorways,  interchanges, bridges,   tunnels,   pavements, retaining structures, landslide repairs, airport runways, road signalization & furniture, maintenance facilities, etc.

Development of studies, providing expert opinions, preparation of analyses, technical regulations, standards in the field of transportation, geotechnics, construction, maintenance & management of  roads, urban transport facilities and structures, building materials, environmental protection, etc. are also part of our regular activities.


Further activities include:

  • Design, creation and preparation of complete data bases on roads, airports, urban transport facilities, structures, pavement, unstable terrains, building materials, etc.
  • Supervision, planning and techniques of construction and maintenance of roads, structures, urban transport  facilities;
  • Specialization and continuing education of personnel in this field by organizing the conferences, consultations, symposia, workshops, congresses, courses and other forms of scientific-training  activities;
  • Preparation of patent documentation for measuring vehicles and equipment; elaboration of proceedings for the improvement of existing procedures and adoption of new ones,  along with all other innovations pertaining to the activities of the Highway Institute;
  • Advanced follow-up, gathering, systematization and publishing of scientific-professional subject material in the field of the Institute’s activities.


Scientific and Research Work

The Institute employs 2 Doctors of Science and 8 Magisters. The specific operations related to scientific and research activity are implemented through scientific-developmental and scientific-research projects within the framework of the Institute’s basic activities.

The Highway Institute is collaborating with various faculties in the country and abroad as regards the continuing education of personnel, as well as in organizing the post-graduate studies, preparation of master’s thesis and doctoral dissertations.

The company was the organizer and active participant in five symposia, two scientific and professional meetings, three international meetings, one conference, 20 counseling courses and four seminars. In the previous period, more than 30 publications were issued with papers whose authors were experts from this establishment.


Membership in International Organizations

Since the early 70s, the Institute cooperates in various fields of international scientific-research activities. The membership of this establishment in numerous international professional and scientific associations provides for an active cooperation of Institute’s experts. These organizations are as follows: FEHRLIRF, AIPCR/PIARC, RILEM, ACI, ISSMFE, ISRM, IAEG etc.

In the period from 1982 till 1990, this establishment was nominated to run the personnel training course under the name “Techno-Economic Feasibility of Road Planning, Design, Construction and Maintenance in Developing Countries”.